V.1 Marketing Discussion

Prepared By DR For Praxis Modular


So, how does Praxis do its marketing on a limited budget? What is Praxis’s marketing strategy?

  1. The Best Possible Customer Experience
  2. Solid Referral Program
  3. Praxis Won't Rely on Paid Advertising
  4. CEO’s Social Media Influence
  5. Authentic & Human
  6. Our Mission & Vision. Everywhere.
  7. A Bit Controversial
  8. Google is King
  9. Keeping Our Audience Engaged Through Innovation
  10. Character Identification

#1 The Best Possible Customer Experience


August - September 2021

Praxis Modular needs to be position as the first choice for homeowners and developers seeking aesthetics, green energy, technology, gaining market share within two years.

The Strategy, a new revamped web experience. Owners will be able to order and configure a home online, while developers and contractors will have a clear message about collaboration, care, and a 100% guarantee of project success.

#2 Solid Referral Program

January - June 2022

The marketing strategy will follow to create customer awareness regarding this product and its features, develop Praxis’s customer base, establish interaction with target markets, and work toward customer word-of-mouth and referral by building a network of accredited contractors and customer satisfaction.


Following Tesla's strategy, Praxis will develop a referral program to encourage customers to get the word out about our product. Allowing for Praxis to market by customer experience.

#3 Praxis Won't Rely on Paid Advertising

September - December 2021

Praxis's bidding strategy is to turn customers into fans. How?

Praxis will reshape and pinpoint into technology and home innovation like nobody else has done it. We will do this through the customer experience visuals to turns customers into fans.

Praxis, during the next 90 will produce two commercials. They will be simplistic, sophisticated, innovative, and minimal, with one core message.



#4 CEO’s Social Media Influence

August - December 2020

CEOs are somewhat hesitant to going all out on social media. And that's quite understandable. We have to be extremely cautious about what Praxis is talking about online. One wrong post can seriously damage the brand's reputation.

We want Praxis to thrive through corporate social but be straightforward (about failures too) and engage with the followers through our leadership. Just like Mr. Elon does almost daily.

Of course, Praxis CEO is not nearly as popular as Musk, but it can contribute substantially to the company's growth, probably more so than a paid advert.

#5 Authentic & Human

August - December 2021

Praxis's imagery for a branding strategy is more relatable and functional. Through videos and images evoking consumer emotions, lifestyle, and product use, we will be meet authenticity.

Strategy: Produce original content in parnership with Droga5.

#6 Our Mission & Vision. Everywhere.

First, What is Praxis Mission?

To build the most compelling modular company of the 21st century by leading the world's transition to modular construction and home innovation.

Second, What is Praxis Vision?

Accelerate and shape the transition to the home of tomorrow.

The Strategy: To integrate the statements in every marketing piece. Include in commercials, online, public relations, conferences: bottom line, everywhere we advertise.

Praxis to produce keynote event at the Bank of America Building.


#7 A Bit Controversial

August - December 2020

B2C or B2B authenticity is how you correctly connect with your audience.

Controversy does not mean the Praxis has to go to the extremes but weigh-in high-level discussions happening in the country.

#8 Google is King

August - December 2020

Pivotal to creating a brand that's head and shoulders above the competition, Praxis needs to distinguish itself with a solid online presence, with countless press mentions and thousands of followers across the social web.

Top Search: Modular Homes

Top Search: Modular Construction

Top Search: Modular Housing

Top Search: Modular Buildings

#9 Keeping Our Audience Engaged Through Innovation

August 2021 - December 2022

How do we innovate and captivate an audience during the next 12 months?

Every three months, Praxis will showcase products through micro-events, teasing, and following principles of German cinematography. Dramatic and captivating.

#10 Character Identification

Timing Stages.

Early Stage.



A team of 5 to 11 people working in production, content development, and digital will be needed.


DMG Team


Production Agency

Resource Allocation

Impact. %

  • Film & Post-Production

  • Content Production

  • PR & Communications Planning

  • Social and Influencer Marketing

  • Event & Experience